Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Take on Health Care Reform - When Does Talk Become Action?

In the 1800's Ralph Waldo Emerson told us that the world is made of two camps of individuals. He called them conservatives and reformers. Conservatives are quite happy with the way things are. They have established themselves in positions of power and influence in society and control government, institutions, and money. Control and Status Quo are the key words of a conservative. The conservatives grant favors to companies and individuals in the form of law to retain their control.

In the other camp are the reformers whose key words are Revolution and Change. The hero is often a reformer who finds flaws in the status quo and leads the revolution. If he succeeds a new order is born.
When change is instigated from the conservative point of view nothing ever really changes because in truth they do not want change. Change in so-called Health care reform is not based on revolting against the current system of health care delivery but with the way to pay for it.

The only way health care costs will lower is to create a landscape that rewards health instead of sickness. Conservatives will not let that happen. Sick people are valuable as evidenced by our massive health care industries.

A sick person is a drain on society. Needed in society is reform that rewards wellness. That kind of reform will not inspire a conservative. The sickness industry is a powerful lobby worldwide. The profit potential in drugs and surgical intervention is far too valuable for any conservative to give up. There is little promise from conservatives who will continue to raise taxes and pay for the system from the ranks of the well.

Eventually society will produce enough reformers to change society attitude to one that rewards wellness. What is my attitude?

· Assume responsibility to pay for my health issues
· Beware of the promise of artificial and synthetic chemicals
· Not depend on drugs or interventions to maintain life
· Not be a burden to society or my family

My name is Bill Tallmon. 25 years ago I made a decision to eliminate medical doctors and drugs from my life. The Natural Health credentials I earned (ND, PhD) helped me become my own doctor and do away with the MD and drugs. I believe that you can do the same. I am creating a set of natural health treasures based on my successful journey. I learned to control the pain, weight loss or gain, energy, relationships, mental instability and avert the medical crisis that leads to a medical doctor's drugs and interventions. (beyourowndoc, under construction) is a drug free nature cure approach to the issues of health care. You can find out more. Visit http://embracingnature.net for now.

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